Is seems that today the new buzz word in fitness is “Pilates”.  From the runway to the basketball court, celebrities like Kate Hudson, Naomi Campbell, Kourtney Kardashian and Le Bron James are touting its many benefits. Pilates is hardly a new form of exercise – having been created by Joseph Pilates to help injured soldiers during World War I – so why all the hype now? 

Reformer Pilates

Fitness junkies are looking for a new way to move their body and seek more personalized forms of exercise.  In doing so, many people have discovered the life-changing benefits of Pilates. Pilates is not just a workout, it’s an exercise system that focuses on the whole body (all the muscles), not just one piece, increasing core strength, flexibility, balance and establishing a more aligned and mobile spine (things that nearly all of us need).  Pilates exercises and equipment are also unique because they can easily be modified and adjusted through spring resistance to the individual body and goal – be it training, toning, or rehabbing.

Pilates does this! Reformer springs provide both resistance and assistance to help tone and strength muscles.  This is also great for clients in training and toning those smaller muscles that are overlooked in other workouts. Pilates offers a series of exercises that emphasize on core strength and tone your mid-section, stabilizing and supporting stomach and back muscles. Most other fitness programs create short muscles that are more prone to injury, Pilates creates long, lean muscles that are less prone to injury.  

I love the fact that with Pilates, no muscle is under-trained, no muscle is over-trained, creating a balanced body.  It allows me to do the things I love better. As a runner, I am concerned with getting injured. As a tennis and pickle ball player, I love the range of motion and body connection that it gives me. 

You don’t have to be a celebrity, all you need is to want to improve. Whether you’re training, toning or rehabbing, you will do it better , stronger and more efficiently with Pilates.