Pilates is the one workout that is essential for me. It’s key to getting the most enjoyment out of what you love to do best. It is the answer to all your fitness questions. How can I prevent injury when playing tennis or golf? How can I increase my flexibility in yoga? How can I achieve less strain on my knees and hips while running? How can I improve my balance? How can I enhance my recovery time when injured? How can I improve my posture?

Pilates works on very deep, very specific muscle groups to achieve symmetry, flexibility, balance and strength. What we do in the studio, helps clients to move and perform exponentially better in other activities. I first fell in love with Pilates as a Kinesiology major at Miami University. The movement of the body and how to mobilize properly fascinated me. My strong foundation in anatomy and biomechanics allows me to design workouts that target each muscle in the body to enhance overall performance and recovery time. Pilates is often referred to as the intelligent exercise because we educate our clients on the muscles needed to enhance their movement. 

Pilates lets me say goodbye to stress. Because Pilates emphasizes proper breathing it allows me to relax mentally, while specifically designed movements on the reformer support my spine and work my core to eliminate physical stress. Pilates tones my body with spring resistance promoting toned, long lean muscles, not bulky like many other programs. It also works with deep surface level muscles, specifically those ABS! Pilates has helped me improve my posture, giving me more confidence. It has helped strengthen my lower back and increased my flexibility by improving muscle strength, promote elasticity and join mobility. This has been amazing for my distance running and other workouts such as HITT training and yoga. 

So whether you are a dancer, runner, tennis, golf or hockey player, prepare for your strenuous activity by first doing Pilates. You will feel and see the difference!