We are only eight days into the ‘Stay-at-Home’ order here in Michigan and already I’m hearing from many of my clients that they are feeling a little unmotivated. It’s hard to completely change your routine and stay at home for such a long period of time. But, staying at home doesn’t mean, that you have to give up everything. This Pilates routine will make you feel focused, energized and will help you reach your fitness goals, even when the studio is closed.  So, let’s go! It will take you less than 10 minutes to sculpt, strengthen and stretch for a stronger, longer body.

You don’t need any equipment. Just you and a yoga/Pilates mat, if you have one.

Hundred: Laying down on back, legs together at at a 90 degree angle in the air and toes gently pointed. Pull the stomach in to avoid arching in the low back. Begin to lift head, shoulders and arms then reach legs straight out without letting the back arch. (modify by keeping legs at 90 degrees). Begin to pump arms. Inhale for 5 counts, exhale for 5 counts completing 10 rounds – 100 reps.

Single Leg Stretch: Lie on back, with legs in tabletop. Lift head and shoulders off mat with hands resting against the outside of legs. Extend one leg out on diagonal, then switch legs. Keep your core is engaged during exercise and to prevent rocking of pelvis.  20 reps (10 total).

Bicycle Exercise

Single leg stretch can flow right into bicycle. Still on back with legs in tabletop, now place the hands behind the head. Continue with extending one leg out on the diagonal then add the rotation of the upper body towards the flexed knee. Opposite shoulder to opposite knee. Complete 20 reps (10 total)

Spine Twist: Sitting upright, legs long and together with toes up. Arms reaching our to the sides with palms down. Relax shoulders from ears. Rotate completely, then repeat on the other side. Each time you are trying to increase rotation of the spine. Avoid shoulders creeping up towards the ears. This exercise is great for targeting obliques and mobility of the spine. Complete 3-5 on each side.

Roll Ups: Start laying down with legs together and extended along mat with feet flexed. Arms reaching over head. Start by lifting arms up towards the ceiling, slowly roll yourself up without letting the legs change. Flex over the legs reaching arms parallel to the floor. Slowly roll down. Complete 5-8 reps- don’t rush! Think about the articulation of your spine and the challenge for your core. Keep shoulders away from ears.

Hip Lift with Leg Extension

Hip Lifts: Start lying down on your back with knees bent. Feet should be parallel and hip distance apart. Keeping your head down lift your hips evenly and engaged your hamstrings and glutes. Complete 10 reps with 10 pulses at the top. Tones and strengths your glutes, hamstrings, and low back!

Side leg lift series: lying on your side, legs together and straight with toes gently pointed. Bottom arm can be under the head to support the neck if needed. Lower and lift the top leg while keeping the hips stacked, and core active. Complete 10 reps then added pulses at the top. Great for strengthening your outer thighs.

Pilates Pushup: the pilates pushup is slightly different from your normal pushup. Let me walk you through it. You start by standing tall then nod your chin and articulate your spine as you reach your hands to the floor keeping the weight in your feet. Walk hands out to your plank position with hands under the shoulders. From here complete 3 push ups by bending and straightening at the elbow, keeping elbows are in by your sides. Then walk hands back towards your feet and roll spine up to standing. Complete 3-5 full rounds.