About Nancy

Hi everyone! I am Nancy Blake and I’m a lover of health and wellbeing! I am a certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner, fully certified STOTT Pilates instructor as well as a certified Barre Intensity instructor here to share my tips and love of all things regarding a healthy lifestyle. 

I am back in my hometown in Michigan after graduating from Miami University with a Degree in Kinesiology and Nutrition in 2015. After college, I went to pursue my fitness certifications, focusing on Pilates as well as being a part of the Nutrition Therapy Association.

For me, well being has always been about achieving balance. Balance between eating well, exercising to maintain optimum health and engaging our minds. In this blog, I hope to share delicious healthy recipes; exercise routes and also inspire all of us to venture out, experience new foods and ways of cooking, discover new cultures and cut though all the fad diets and advertising claims that often become the pitfalls of our wellbeing.

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